10 Things I Learned in Africa

I boarded my flight from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Johannesburg, South Africa with both anxiety and excitement flowing intensely through my body. Africa had always been an enigma to me, so knowing that I had six countries on my African itinerary made me feel that I’d at least have some opportunity to uncover some of… [Read More]

Meditation Challenge (Day 60) – It’s All Just Breathing

In theory, meditation is simple. You sit still, clear your mind, and enjoy the peace. In practice, however, it’s anything but calm and serene. If you have ever tried meditating, then you know that your monkey mind jumps around uncontrollably from one place to another. So while you may be fully focused on sensations you… [Read More]

Ayahuasca: Everyone Should Take the Medicine (part 3)

Amazing things happen when you set aside preconceived notions about life and what’s suppose to happen and surrender to the constant flow of life. Trying to control every aspect of your life is like paddling upstream in a little row boat against the thundering currents of a river. It’s hard, taxing, and unnecessary. It may be scary, but… [Read More]

Ayahuasca: Everyone Should Take the Medicine (part 2)

Plenty of people consider Ayahuasca to be just another drug, but others consider it a potent and powerful medicine. As always, it always has to do with context, intention, and setting. If you use any substance to escape reality or avoid uncomfortable emotions, then I’d classify that substance as a drug (of course I’m referring here to recreational… [Read More]

Ayahuasca: Everyone Should Take the Medicine (part 1)

Writing about my Ayahuasca experience was much more difficult than I originally thought it would be. Many times I deleted a draft and thought it best not to write anything at all. Part of me was scared for revealing to the world that I experimented with what some consider ‘just another hallucinogenic drug’. Having built my personal and… [Read More]

5 Reasons to Meditate while you Travel

What’s the right way to travel? Is there a specific formula to follow? A certain length of time to spend in a certain location? Or a specific amount of activities? These questions have popped into my head on more than one occasion during our trip around the world. We’re visiting over 30 countries in just… [Read More]

Meditation Challenge (Day 30) – Why Meditation?

Working, parenting, and living on the road inevitably means that life structure and routine cannot provide the desired insulation, protection, and stability many of us often use to cope with the uncertainties of life. My personal journey with meditation is my way of anchoring into the present moment so that I can experience peace, calm,… [Read More]

How To Eat With Locals While Traveling

How do you eat with the locals, or how do you eat when we go off to the remote places, is a common question I get asked by friends since starting our documentary web documentary, Million Ways to Live. Imagine yourself in this situation: You walk into a hut, sit down on floor, and look around at all the… [Read More]

1-Year Meditation Challenge

A personal journey is stripping away one’s comfortable layers and finding that which is underneath. That which is real. If someone had told me 2 years ago that my gym would be closed, I would be living on the other side of the world, and that I would be a father to a 9-month old… [Read More]

How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

Eating healthy while traveling is a big dilemma for people who want to stay on the right track. As it stands, healthy eating is hard enough on its own. It’s a process that’s much more intricate and involved than most people assume. You have to examine your eating choices, identify behaviors and habits that are self-sabotaging,… [Read More]