Queenstown_GoPro“Life is my passion. (Un)Learning is my tool.”

Hello world, my name is Luke Sniewski. Made in Poland, raised in the United States, father to a Kiwi baby, and recently finished a globe-trotting adventure around the world learning about healthy living from incredible people from all walks of life.

If I had to sum myself up in a single sentence it would be this: I’m a work in progress.

I’m constantly trying to learn new things, challenge my own beliefs, and remain open to what life is trying to teach me. Luckily, life hasn’t failed to provide plenty of learning experiences. I was a professional football player in Italy. Playing quarterback for the Ancona Dolphins is an experience I’ll never forget. I had my own CPA practice on the famous Venice Beach Boardwalk in Los Angeles, California. Yes – no joke – I was a Certified Public Accountant. And then there’s my current crash-course in fatherhood. Jack Jozef has been my teacher from day one. Nothing brings me more joy than spending time with him.


From 2009 until 2013, I had a wellness studio, LEAF Lifestyle, in Santa Monica, California. Both personally and professionally, my time in Santa Monica was invaluable and I had a blast wearing many different hats. I was a speaker, writer, coach, manager, and – together with a small group of amazing trainers – changed the lives of the people we worked with. It was for more valuable than a MBA could ever be. And definitely more fulfilling.

We helped people get on magazine covers (Watch Here), lose an astonishing 100 pounds (45kg) in less than 6 months (Watch Here), shed weight for professional boxing matches (Watch Here), and even stave off the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Watch Here). Oh, and I lived upstairs above the gym. Sweet setup, actually. I hate traffic, so I created a lifestyle that got rid of it.


From November 2014 to November 2015, my life was nomadic. I traveled around creating an international documentary series about the six Healthy Lifestyle Principles (Real Food, Movement, Rest & Relaxation, Lifelong Learning, Community, Love) I wrote about in my book, Million Ways to Live. I traveled to 40 countries and filmed 60 amazing stories of people finding health and happiness in unique ways. The series celebrates this world’s diversity and promotes open-mindedness and acceptance of other ways of living. There’s no single correct way to live. There never has and never will be. There are a million ways to live.


I fully welcome and embrace the constant change that life brings, but the one constant has always been my focus on my own health and personal growth. I’m a student of the human body and love learning about it. I’ve got plenty certifications, degrees, and continued education in personal training, soft-tissue therapy, nutrition coaching, cooking, and even agricultural sustainability. But those are just pieces of paper and why I don’t list them here. Nothing trumps the experiences I’ve gained from the best laboratory available for any healthy living topic: my own body. The second best teacher? Working with others. Luckily, I have plenty of experience there as well.

Side Plank

I’ve experimented with weird foods like congealed goat’s blood, ram testicle, and even a still-beating snake heart, taught myself new movements like handstands, and challenging my mind, body, and soul to new challenges like rowing a half marathon, 1,000 double-unders, or completing a Tough Mudder. It’s fun learning about the true potential of the human body. And believe me, that potential is infinite. I’m constantly trying to discovery new ways to release that potential. Then I share those experiences with you.

Pistol_Squat_Perito_Moreno Handstand Claire_Partner_Acro_Yoga Hanging_Santiago_Chile

I’ve learned that the only thing that gets in the way of – well, pretty much anything – is the mind. After years of self-sabotaging and getting in the way of myself, I turned my interests inward in an effort to understand and unravel my own subconscious mind, reactive behaviors, and mental conditioning. It took a lot of patience to work through previously-ignored uncomfortable emotions, but the discoveries I made about myself – and the human mind in general – have been worth the efforts. It’s an ongoing process. Now I’ve developed meditation and mindfulness techniques that help keep my mind balanced and centered, which I’ve learned is the greatest gift you can give the world.

I write about all of these things and more. I write about life. Hopefully some of my stories and experiences can help you with your own journey.