Pistol_Squat_Perito_Moreno_GlacierHi. My name is Luke Sniewski. Made in Poland, born and raised in the United States, father to a Kiwi boy, and currently rooted down in Auckland, New Zealand.

Former professional football player turned Certified Public Accountant, turned personal trainer and massage therapist, turned documentary filmmaker, I now help people overcome their addictive, reactive, and compulsive behaviors with wellness and mindfulness strategies.

I embrace the constant change that life brings, but one constant that has withstood the test of time has been my focus on personal growth and wellbeing. I’m a student of the human mind and body. I’ve gained invaluable knowledge from the best laboratory available for any curious researcher: my own body. The second best teacher? Teaching and working with others. I have plenty of experience there as well.

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I’ve learned that the only thing that gets in the way of – well, pretty much everything – is the mind. After years of self-sabotaging and getting in the way of myself, I turned my interests inward in an effort to understand and unravel my subconscious and reactive behaviors. It’s taken a lot of patience to work through previously-ignored uncomfortable emotions, but the discoveries I’ve made about myself have been worth the effort. It’s an ongoing process, but one that has surely allowed me to help those around me in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Luke_Sniewski_Meditation_SpainMy life’s journey has brought me back to school. After completing a Post-Graduate Diploma in Health Sciences (in Alcohol and Drug Studies) at the University of Auckland, I’m now working towards a Doctoral degree (PhD) in Public Health and Psychosocial Studies at the Auckland University of Technology. My research is focused on the development and testing of a mindfulness meditation programme and mobile application as a facilitator of behavioural change.

Currently, I’m doing my best to stay present with the people and experiences in my everyday life.