3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Meditate

Mindfulness and meditation have seen a recent surge in popularity in recent years. The marketing, promotion, and discussion of these traditional concepts focus almost entirely on the benefits of the practice as opposed to the underlying purpose and process of meditating. That consequently leads to many coming to meditation with goals and expectations. Better sleep,… [Read More]

Cold Showers: A Necessary Evil

If you can’t handle a few minutes of being cold, what can you really handle in life? There’s a fine line between sadomasochism and personal growth. My morning cold showers are certainly a little bit of both. Standing underneath my shower moments before I turn it to full blast, I question whether or not I truly am sadomasochistic. As… [Read More]

Anger: A Blessing in Disguise

I never thought I’d be developing relationships with people whose opinions I didn’t agree with, who didn’t necessarily like me very much, and whose very presence dialed up my internal anger settings to full blast. But I also never imagined there would come a day where I would be thankful for having these people in my… [Read More]