The Hierarchy of Health and Wellness Advice


So many choices, so little time. When it comes to health advice, how can you not be confused? Each methodology has the best doctors backing it. Each philosophy has the best scientific evidence proving its superiority. Each fad, trend, and diet has riveting testimonials and smiling celebrities providing marketing and credibility. So, who do you… [Read More]

10 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Health Today (Backed by Science)


When it comes to health, a lot of people like to make grand plans, perfectly scheduled programs and lofty goals that—more often than not—won’t last. Our failure disheartens us and programs us to fear trying anything new. It’s a self-destructive pattern that’s difficult to break. But what if you only had to focus on one… [Read More]

What is a Lifestyle Transformation?


When I first became a trainer, it didn’t take me long to realize that my workouts weren’t as magical as I thought. I naively believed that the amazing way I structured my client’s supersets would guarantee life-changing results. Who cares about nutrition when you have the best exercises ever known to man? To say that… [Read More]

Pave Your Own Road


Here’s a fun fact: Dr. Seuss’ best selling and award winning Green Eggs and Ham was written with only 50 words. He wrote the book as a result of a bet he made with his editor since his previous work, The Cat in the Hat, was written with only 225 words. What these two literary works of art have in… [Read More]

7 Reasons Why Coconut Oil is Nature’s Miracle


It’s one thing to be a Superfood, a term used to describe food products known for their superior health promoting qualities, but coconut oil takes it to the next level. Coconut oil is more than just nutrition. This super product has amazing medicinal properties and comes in handy as a natural substitute for a variety… [Read More]

Why Calories Will Never Count… Ever.


Do you currently work out? Do you “watch” what you eat? Are you on a diet? If so, then you probably have a calorie counting application on your phone. Or, you’ve had one in the past and can relate. There are a lot of different options for calorie counters to choose from since it’s an… [Read More]

Industrialization of Life


The original version of this post, published by IntentBlog, can be seen by clicking here.  Ever heard of a CAFO? It’s short for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation. I’ll save some of the specifics of what happens within the confines of a CAFO for later in the article, but for now let’s simply summarize a CAFO as a… [Read More]

5 Tips for Making New Year Resolutions that Stick


I love resolutions. Generally speaking, I love all goal setting activities. I even hosted a vision board party last month. It takes a special kind of weirdness to do that. But the end of a year brings with it a special set of circumstances not available at any other time of the year. It’s holiday… [Read More]

Mastermind Group: Who’s on your Team?


I never understood the importance and power of a great team until it became the most frequent compliment I received about the team at LEAF. The most frequent acknowledgement from clients, friends, other team members, and even strangers was the strength of the whole working at LEAF, which is significantly more than the sum of the… [Read More]

Sustainability: Going Beyond the Buzz


The original version of this article, on Huffington Post, can be viewed here.  Move over, organic. You’re soon to be old news. The latest buzz word sweeping the nation: sustainability. Soon, people everywhere will be lining up in droves at supermarket checkout lines with their carts full of sustainable cookies, sustainable soda, and sustainable TV dinners. Wait,… [Read More]