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I’m an entrepreneur, blogger, documentary filmmaker, lifestyle coach and author specializing in healthy living, nutrition, and productivity. I’m also an experienced speaker and would love to speak for you and your organization. I’m currently based out of Auckland, New Zealand, but am available to travel internationally. I’ll also be doing a world trip and tour soon (December 1, 2014 – November 30, 2015), so I may already be visiting your country during my trip. Some of topics I like to talk about:
Eating for All Mankind
This thought-provoking talk is the culmination of my nutritional education; the crossroads of nutrition coaching, professional culinary expertise, and passion for environmental sustainability. Participants learn why healthy eating is so much more than an act of self-preservation. Rather, it is a selfless act that impacts the future mores ways than you think. Get ready for an educational journey that will impact not only your health, but also the health of future generations. Finally, participants are left with simple and easy-to-digest food rules that make healthy eating simple again and reconnect people with the food experience.
Movement for Longevity

Wondering why the same chronic aches and pains seem to be coming back over and over again? Tired of getting different answers from every professional you talk to? It’s time to reconnect with your body and tune in to the message your pain is trying to tell you. Pain is a symptom of underlying global function imbalances. In this presentation and hands-on workshop you’ll be provided with the theoretical framework you need to understand the structure and function the human body so you know why pain manifests to begin with. You’ll also be provided hands-on practical tools that bridge the gap between theory and sustainable practice. You’ll feel confident, empowered and have a system of assessing yourself so you know your methods are working. The ultimate goal is to teach people how to listen to their body (specifically any aches and pains they are having) and understand the message their pain is telling them about their lifestyle, function and mobility. We teach people tools and techniques to improve their own soft tissue health and create the necessary space in their joints so they can prevent chronic pain.

Contact me about hosting seminars at your facility or venue. I’d be happy to discuss your project intimately. Just shoot me an email and we can tailor a seminar/talk to suit your organization’s needs.