I work with clients in-person in Auckland, NZ or remotely through Skype.

Personal Training

Simon_Gault_Luke_Sniewski_Personal_TrainingI’m a student of the human body, with credentials in personal training, corrective exercise, soft tissue & fascial therapy, nutrition coaching, and cooking. I bring a comprehensive approach to my individualized method which integrates physical, mental and emotional aspects of well-being. My goal is to bridge the gap between complex theory and practical application while empowering you to #BYOG (Be Your Own Guru). Each session includes a combination of strength and conditioning, soft-tissue therapy, core training, integrative stretching, breathing exercises, and mindfulness meditation; thus creating a balanced physical, mental, and emotional experience.

Change Coaching

Playing the hybrid role of counselor and coach, I work with people who are ready to take full responsibility for the quality of their life experience. My practical, client-centered approach empowers people to make productive changes in their life. I guide people as they mindfully reconnect with their internal experience in order to work through the compulsive behaviors, addictions, and subconscious reactions that manifest as recurring cycles of self-sabotage, unhappiness, and feeling stuck.

Client Success Stories


Simon Gault – New Zealand Masterchef and host for documentary series, Why Are We Fat?

Victor Mechkov & Joey Baylon – New Zealand ‘King in the Ring’ 75kg and 62kg weight class champions & WKBF World Champions