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Why Listening to your Body will Transform your Life with Vicky Reeves and Shine Freely

Conversation with Danni Carr on her podcast ‘How I Quit Alcohol’ about Somawise, an incredible resource for healing addiction.

Life, Death, and the Space Between – Your Body Knows the Truth with Dr. Luke Sniewski

Finding Space Podcast about Somatic Therapy, Stillness, and self-inquiry

A Word to the Wise Podcast with Jummie Moses: The Body Never Lies – A Deep Dive Into Somatic Therapy ft. Dr. Luke Sniewski

The Youngering Podcast with Wendy V., ft Dr. Luke Sniewski

Conversation with Emotional Mastery’s Rochelle Christiane about Compassionate Inquiry and Somatic Healing using tools such as stillness.

Articles & Publications

Heal the Body & the Mind Follows: How the Big Rocks of Healthy Living Build Holistic Wellbeing. Yoga Magazine, United Kingdom. Issue 240, April 2023.

The Transformational Quality of Stillness. Yoga Magazine, United Kingdom. Issue 241, May 2023.

Change through stillness: Mindfulness meditation as a catalyst for behavioural change. (2018). Sniewski, L. Psychology Aotearoa. 10(1), 43-45.

Breaking isolation. Men, too, need connection & support. (2019). Sniewski, L. Psychology Aotearoa, 11(2), 114-117.

Meditation as an intervention for men with self-perceived problematic pornography Use: A Series of Single Case Studies (2020). Sniewski, L., Krägeloh, C., Farvid, P., & Carter, P. Current Psychology.

Heal the body, the mind follows. (2020). Sniewski, L. Psychology Aotearoa, 12(1), 54-58.

Abstinence or acceptance? A case series examining the experiences of men as they intervene with problematic pornography use. (2019). Sniewski, L. & Farvid, P. Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity, 26(3-4), 191-210.

The problem with problematic pornography use. (2018). Sniewski, L. Psychology Aotearoa. 10(2), 116-118.

Hidden in shame: Heterosexual men’s experiences of self-perceived problematic pornography use. (2019). Sniewski, L. & Farvid, P. Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 21(2), 201-212.

The assessment and treatment of adult heterosexual men with self-perceived problematic pornography use: A review. (2018). Sniewski, L., Farvid, P., & Carter, P. Addictive Behaviors. 77, 217-224.

Total Health: Author Dr Luke Sniewski On How We Can Optimize Our Mental, Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Wellbeing.

Conferences, Presentations & Events

Compassionate Inquiry Special Event (August 2022) – More than Words: The Intentionality Beneath CI Stepping Stones. Budapest, Hungary. 

Compassionate Inquiry Special Event (August 2022) – Integrating CI with Couples Therapy. Budapest, Hungary. 

LAN Breakfast: Mental Health & Wellness (September 2021) – Mental Health & Wellbeing Expert Panel. Auckland, New Zealand.

The Sex Tech Lab (April 2021) – Unpacking the Experiences of Men with Self-Perceived Problematic Pornography Use. The New School, New York.

KiwiCAM (November 2019) – Change through Stillness: Examining the experiences of men as they utilise meditation as an intervention for self-perceived problematic pornography use. Auckland, New Zealand.

Perth Mindfulness Conference (September 2018) – Meditation as a Catalyst for Behavioural Change. Perth, Australia. 

Compassionate Inquiry Conference (November 2022) – Digging for Gold: Unearthing Core Beliefs. Vancouver, Canada.

Compassionate Inquiry Special Event (August 2022) – Change through Stillness: The Role of Stillness within CI. Budapest, Hungary. 

Eden Festival – Winter Gathering (August 2021) – Porn Panel: Exploring the Impacts & Benefits of Porn. Auckland, New Zealand.

Goodfellow Symposium (March 2021) – Looking beneath the surface of problematic pornography use. Auckland, New Zealand. 

International Conference on Mindfulness Asia Pacific (February 2019) – Change Through Stillness: Mindfulness Meditation as an Intervention for Men with Problematic Pornography Use. Auckland, New Zealand.

FitEx Auckland (November 2018) – Change through Stillness. Auckland, New Zealand.

A Million Ways to Live

I traveled around the world making an international documentary series on healthy living in different cultures. I searched in 40 countries in 13 months for people who found health and happiness in unique ways. There are a million ways to live. Be your own health & wellness guru.

Read the book that inspired the series HERE, and watch the 56-episode series HERE.