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Whether it’s Covid-19 or just being stressed when being stuck in traffic, I help people face the chaos of everyday life with a greater sense of calm and ease. My intention is for you to feel more at-home and comfortable in your own skin. I live in Auckland, NZ, but work remotely with clients over Zoom or Skype.

Healthy Lifestyle Reset

The 6-week Healthy Lifestyle Reset is your blueprint for health and wellbeing. This program connects you with the innate wisdom of your body and helps you understand what you need to thrive.

Wellbeing Coaching

My integrative therapeutic approach empowers you to show up more fully, authentically, and completely to your life by working within your unique mental, physical and emotional contexts.

Point 'A'

The starting point for authentic change is understanding yourself. The Point ‘A’ program helps you become the expert of your own life experience with tools and practices that cultivate self-awareness.

About Me

Hi, my name is Luke. I enjoy moving, meditating, cooking, and playing with my son, Jack. Most of all, I love helping people experience more calmness, presence, and authenticity in their life via mindfulness, self-awareness & healthy lifestyle strategies. 

My doctoral research focused on using meditation to help men with porn addiction. The take home message was clear. We can all strive to practice more compassion and curiosity with our self-destructive behaviors because the triggers, emotions, and contexts beneath the surface are the true cause of our difficulties, not the behavior itself. 

How Can I Help You Today?

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Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Do you experience excessive anxiety? Are you overwhelmed by chronic stress? Do suffer from long periods of depression?

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Behavior Change & Addiction

Are you trying to quit a habit that doesn’t serve you anymore? Do you want to learn better coping strategies managing for stress?
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Self-Doubt & Feeling Stuck

Are you feeling stuck in self-doubt? Do you overthink things so much that you never actually take the first step towards your goals? Do you want to mute those voices in your head?
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Healing & Integrating Trauma

Do you have pain that you just can’t seem to get rid of, regardless of what you try? Have you experienced past traumatic events that continue to impact your present day life?
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Healthy Lifestyle Strategies

Are you trying to lose weight? Do you want to get fitter, stronger, and more flexible? Do you easily get tired when doing normal, everyday tasks?
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Authentic & Purposeful Living

Do you feel like you’re hiding behind a mask? Like an imposter? Are you desperately trying to find your authentic self?
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What is Wellbeing Coaching?

Wellbeing Coaching honors the untapped, innate wisdom of the human body. When our body is placed in an environment that supports health and trust the body’s inherent capacity to heal itself, then you will naturally and effortlessly move towards improved health and wellbeing. With Wellbeing Coaching you’ll also be guided and encouraged toward practices that build self-acceptance. Ultimately, this journey is about helping you feel more comfortable in your own skin. 

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What is Somatic Therapy?

Somatic Therapy is a versatile therapy that addresses mental, physical, and emotional health concerns. There is a strict focus on the body because the root causes of compulsive behaviors, trauma, depression & anxiety, and general discomfort with everyday life exist within the framework of the body. Our bodies need to process, integrate, and release these hidden sources of tension so that self-destructive patterns can come to their natural end, and we can experience everyday life with less stress.

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