What people are saying

Crenguta., Bucharest, Romania

I was just listening to the podcast that you had with Vicky Reeves and I instantly felt the need to send you this email to thank you for all the teachings and experiences you showed me in the Somawise Online Program. I realized what happiness means for me… and it is feeling every emotion and being aware of everything that happens within me at every single moment of my life. I truly believe that this is what LIVING actually means, even when the feelings are not comfortable or “positive. I’ve learned that none will last forever and allowing them to happen settles and integrates them…and that is priceless!

It is absolutely amazing to notice how my body reacts to different stimuli and to be able to notice and to feel everything. With your help I’ve reached a point that I never would have imagined existed. This is the first time in my life I started doing something (therapy, working on myself… with myself ) without having a target or setting a goal and I reached a point that I couldn’t have imagined as a target because I didn’t know it was even possible! Thank you.”

Theresa M., Sydney, Australia

“I found the structure and content of Somawise Online to be really helpful for me in creating a space to reflect on the important aspects of my life, as well as the nuances of building a better relationship with my own body. Learning to cultivate the daily stillness practice has been extremely helpful and this supported the process of returning to myself. Somawise Online helped me meet myself in my vulnerability, and that is truly a very powerful experience. I definitely walk away with more joy and clarity for my future. Thank you.”

Himanshu M., Chicago, USA

 “Thank you for this invitation for me to choose conscious discomfort”, and “What am I invited to allow here?” These profound words now come to me, every time I have a challenging moment- and so this is now a part of my daily practice. Through seeing life now as a series of invitations to grow into the person I’ve always intended to be, I am blessed with a sense of peace like never before! I am not unique- these invitations await every one of us.

 Luke has a very gentle and peaceful demeanor, and through his calm curiosity, he asks perceptive questions that lead you to reconnect with your body – quelling the drama and replacing it with a peace that comes from knowing that you’re now connected to all the wisdom you’ll ever need to navigate any moment in your life. Like all great teachers. Luke guides you to build your own daily practice and never tells – teaching you how to fish instead of feeding you a fish! My deepest gratitude to Dr. Luke Sniewski, who helped me develop this daily practice during our private consultations.

Diana S., Bucharest, Romania

”Sessions with Luke are just so complex and intense that are very hard to describe with words. Each session is a rich experience of physical sensations, emotions, beliefs, thoughts, memories, and the space to allow them all to be experienced. I’ve had different forms of therapy over the past 13 years, but the way Luke facilitates Compassionate Inquiry was the one that took me to the deepest hidden caves within my body, allowing me to truly experience all the pain/healing connected with them. I felt really safe, seen, acknowledged, and held, and felt supported in creating the conditions for self-regulation. 

I am deeply grateful for the shifts I have experienced while working with Luke as he skillfully guided me towards a sense of calmness and inner balance.  I feel that I am much more aligned with all of my parts and finally managed to develop a kind and compassionate inner voice in response to the highly critical inner voice that was present all the time.”

Rob P., United Kingdom

Before the Somawise course I was really struggling. Chronic pain, restless leg, insomnia, aching joints and various other incredibly frustrating and irritating issues had all reached a point where I literally hated being in my body at times; it was just too uncomfortable to bear.

Through Luke’s expert guidance and evidence-based practices I learned that much of my pain and irritation stemmed from shunning, burying and hiding from these uncomfortable experiences. And the more I resisted them and tried to overcome them, the worse they became. I have learned to make friends with my body, to listen deeply to it and to understand the messages it has been giving me. I now see the physical discomfort as my body’s wisdom, doing its utmost to guide me to safety, health and happiness.

The results have been truly transformational with improvements in every area of my life – from improved sleep, dramatically reduced pain and restlessness to more patience and understanding in my relationships. Being transparent this isn’t the only work I’ve been doing on my road to healing, but I will always be grateful for Luke’s profound teaching and his wonderful Somawise course. In fact, I have recently enrolled for the second time as I gained so much from it – it is an absolute joy to have the opportunity to further embed and deepen these life-changing practices.”

Aki & Henry, Yokohama, Japan

Meeting Luke was one of those rare encounters where everything clicked and everyone was on the same wavelength. His presence, energy, and realness put us at ease and gave us confidence to move through various issues. Aki and I looked forward to sessions with Luke because they were like a reset button for our relationship. He helped us navigate through challenging times and we are both incredibly grateful for it.

Mia R., Sydney, Australia

“Luke is an insightful, kind and gentle practitioner. He worked patiently with me and gave me time to come to my own insights. I found that he met me where I was at and gently guided me through my sadness. He created a very healing space where I felt heard and seen. I feel lots of peace and completeness about my journey and the time I’ve shared with him.”

Kimble V., Auckland, NZ

“Luke is quite simply, extraordinary. I came to him aware of some deeply held limiting beliefs that have dominated most of my life. I couldn’t name them, I couldn’t resolve them on my own, despite trying through various means. Through skilful questioning, gentle prompting, and a deeply compassionate approach, he has been my guide through my inner life – my fears, my limiting beliefs about myself. I continue to see how my past affects my now, and my future. From this awareness and guidance, I am making changes to how I show up in the world in ways that is more heartfelt, genuine, empowered, and – ultimately – happier.  

His call to authentic presence in the now, with a loving regard for the wounds that life has inevitably dealt me, continues to guide and inspire me in my work in leadership development as well as in my personal life. It is not an easy path, but it is gentle and rewarding in ways that are profound and transformative. If you feel the call to make real change in how you do you so that you can be in the world with greater authenticity and presence in the here and now, then Luke is your man.” 

Jason S., Auckland, NZ

“Probably like many men before me, I was told by my partner to go and see Luke for help. That relationship didn’t last… but Luke certainly has!!! Telling me to go see Luke was the best advice my now ex-partner ever gave me. Life isn’t perfect, but I’ve found a lightness and flow with life as a result of what I’ve learned and practiced with Luke. I am far less overwhelmed and seem to find a way through issues that would have previously sunk my battleship. Old and unhelpful ways of seeing things have melted away and I am closer to being the person I have always wanted to be.” 

Nina S., Auckland, NZ

“Luke understands how to meet you where you’re at. Rather than following a prescribed structure, a session with Luke is more conversational and shaped in a way where he naturally and subtly pulls it together to deliver what you need. Luke has a presence to him that allows you to feel seen and heard. He understands how to hold space that is free of judgment and one that is safe for you to be your true authentic self. Rather than being talked at, you talk with Luke and, in the process, you’re guided back to a place within yourself that holds everything you need to live your best life.”

Natalia R., Gent, Belgium

“I firmly believe the most valuable guides are the ones who can help lead you to yourself. Through our virtual sessions together, that’s exactly what Luke has done. I originally reached out for surface-level support in dealing with chronic stress amplified by my job, but what I got was much more than I could have hoped for. Without judgment or force, Luke has guided me to identify and challenge the habits, thoughts, and behaviors that were suppressing my own strength and power. With tailored guidance to easy practices, I have been able to implement new habits and thinking patterns that have made all the difference between who I thought I was and who I am becoming. Thanks Luke for helping me get out of my own way.”

Victor M., Auckland, NZ

For over 15 years I was looking for something that constantly evaded me. I knew I was missing some piece of the puzzle that kept me from feeling comfortable, satisfied, and happy in my life. As a professional kickboxer, this missing piece kept me from showing my full potential in the ring. There was always a mental block preventing me from being fully engaged and comfortable in a fight. I didn’t understand it was a mental block and assumed it was some physical limitation. The truth became obvious that I was avoiding the answer I was looking for: Fear. It was something that I found hard to admit and had to come to terms with. Luke was the first person to help me see, face, and process what I considered to be my ball-and-chain, both in the ring and in everyday life. I came to understand that we can live alongside with fear. I’ve befriended my fear and learned that it doesn’t have to hold me back anymore.

Brad C., Auckland, NZ

I’ve been to a handful of psychologists before. Luke is the first person to help me actually access my true self. That’s a true gift and one that I really appreciate.

Annette C., Auckland, NZ

“Thank you, Luke, for the help, encouragement and delivering a mindset to move forward with. I know now I would not have achieved these life-changing habits and results without your quiet, calm, and persistent dedication to my cause.”

Monique N., Auckland, NZ

“Luke helped me get out of my head and into my feelings, which led me to uncover some beliefs I didn’t know I had. The positive effect of that was greater than words can express. Conversations with Luke gave me the courage to experience many different emotions, including fear, while at the same time feeling 100% safe and supported. What a ride! I am excited about what is to come.”

Joe D., Auckland, NZ

Luke has provided me with the tools and foundations I needed to be able to get in touch with my own feelings, express myself more confidently, open up emotionally at a level I never thought was possible, and experience the world in a completely different way. He does this by connecting with you in a safe and open environment while, at the same time, giving you the push you need to develop and grow at your own pace.

Luis C., Monterrey, Mexico

“My experience with Luke has shown me something far more important than a diet or a workout routine. This was the beginning of a journey of observation and understanding, and one that I will continue for the rest of my life. Through reflection, self-observation and awareness, Luke helped me to develop a way of being the conscious master of myself. He is a teacher of right thought and equanimity. I cannot imagine anything else that would make my life better. I’m sure this has been one of the best investments that I’ll ever make.”

Phil L., Stride Property

“Luke presented to our team as part of our Mental Health Awareness month. Luke is a very engaging speaker and was able to tailor a thought provoking and interesting presentation for our team. He has a great balance of academic and real world insights to share and covered a wide range of topics during his  talk. We thoroughly enjoyed his inspiring and informative presentation.”

Sarah H., Westpac NZ

“Luke’s memorable keynote to 200 of our people showed how mindfulness can not only improve self-awareness, but also empathy, conflict management, and effective communication. Luke’s calm, warm and authentic style engaged our people and set everyone in the right frame of mind for the day.”

Brenda C., Wellington, NZ

“I have a background of very serious trauma. I began personal  change work in 1986. Recently, however, some very old grief resurfaced and I realised I needed help on my path of recovery. I found Luke, trained in compassionate inquiry by Gabor Maté, who I discovered a few years ago and loved his understanding and insights. Working with Luke has made a profound change for me. His gentle guidance with the process we did together was intuitive and from the heart. I felt heard, seen and honored. Because of my traumatic life , I have been on my healing path since 1986. Only once before have I felt such an easy shift. That too was with someone who was very present. I am very grateful to have spent time with Luke and my life has opened up into a new wonderful path.”

Peter D., ALSCO NZ

Great investment in getting Luke along to our workplace. His seminar and movement classes have certainly opened many eyes to how we can all “live” better. We all know that healthy and happy team members positively contribute in our workplaces and the more of them we have the better we are for it! Highly recommend Luke, his YouTube Videos and his book…but if you can, get him to come along in person as his enthusiasm is infectious.

Kathryn H., Lotto NZ

Luke facilitated a wellness and mindfulness session for my Strategy and Communications team. The session was a great balance of inspiration and practical application. Luke’s experience as both professional athlete and trainer, combined with engaging examples from his Million Ways to Live documentary and book, provided an entertaining backdrop for the yoga and mindfulness exercises. The session was a great team building exercise, providing the perfect introduction to mindfulness, with the benefit of practical takeaways for the team.

Monique E., Auckland, NZ

“Luke is as relentless as he is patient, kind and thoughtful when it comes to helping with finding your purpose and helping you reach your goals. He knows what you’re capable of long before you ever notice it yourself. I had bad habits and was going through some major life changes. I truly believe Luke had a massive hand in how I managed and developed during this transition period of my life and I just want to say thank you to Luke for the thoughtful conversations, for holding a space free of judgment, and for being a generally inspiring and fun guy.”

Mark E., Adrenalin Group Ltd

“Luke is the expert we contract when we want to share the message of wellbeing with our clients. His passion for, and in-depth experience in, physical and emotional wellbeing enables him to tailor his message based on where they are showing up. I would not hesitate to recommend Luke to anybody who wants to learn more about how they might better take care of their health and wellbeing.”

Ashley C., Auckland, NZ

“Luke can be regarded as a class above his contemporaries in the sense that he is absolutely committed to lifelong learning and has an insatiable hunger to improve himself constantly.  Given the fact that he is always more than willing to clarify your doubts and share his knowledge with his clients, working with Luke has been quite a brilliant learning experience for me. Fun, energetic, committed, and inspiring, Luke can help anyone realize their dreams of a healthier version of themselves. I can’t recommend him enough!”

Nahir F., Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Despite not working together face-to-face, I found Luke to be easy to talk to and caring in communication within our Zoom sessions. It was actually easier to stay committed to my sessions within the privacy of my home. Luke’s experience with meditation and compassionate inquiry teachings helped me in the process of tackling harder topics and gaining a greater awareness of myself. I’ve had a great experience with Luke and would definitely recommend him to friends and family.”

Francesco P., Reggio Emilia, Italy

“Luke is dedicated to helping his clients reach their goals. His guidance, tools, and techniques have really helped me to be more focused and concentrated, even with my most challenging tasks. I didn’t think that mindfulness and meditation would help me become a more effective manager for my team, but that’s exactly what has happened as I’m now able to respond to their needs more consciously. Aside from business, these lessons have really helped me to enjoy and be more present in my everyday life.”