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Get out of your head. Get into your body.

How do I create authentic change? How can I have more peaceful relationships? How do I achieve holistic health?

All three of these questions require a journey into the body, where clients learn how to listen to, reconnect with, and care for their body; ultimately using it as a compass for navigating the tricky terrains of life.

The body can be the expert, guide, guru, and barometer for improving the quality of these contexts of life. The body lets us know through internal signals and cues when some aspect of our lifestyle is supporting or hindering the natural process of health. Start your journey back to yourself with the teachings and strategies provided by Somawise.

What Readers Are Saying

5-Star Reviews from Amazon Marketplaces around the world

Lisa J., USA

Finally…someone teaches how to “get out of your head.”

As someone who has had the pleasure of participating in Dr. Luke Sniewski’s 12-week online program, I have looked forward to the publication of Somawise. His ability to weave personal experiences with the latest research in neuroscience and trauma has been a tremendous help in breaking down my own barriers to a more peaceful (and healthy) existence. He writes “When the body is tense and constricted, the mind’s interpretations are not the most reliable assessment of any given situation” and “where there is tension, there is most probably trauma.” If you are on a steady path of trying to make sense of your life and are ready to begin SENSING, read the book. And when you are ready to make change, it’s like your friend Luke is right there as a seasoned guide.

Sian C.D., New Zealand

For all bodies curious about direct truth and sustainable transformation

I looked forward to the time I’d set aside each day to read Somawise. The writing strikes a beautiful balance between being relatable on a human-to-human level, and referencing relevant literature (that I actually wanted to research further). More importantly though, Dr. Luke’s own experiential insight and vulnerability shine through on every page. It seems he’s really found compassion for the human condition without succumbing to the challenge of being in a body. The essential message is so simple, yet we need books like this to continue to work skilfully with our doubting and fearful minds that obscure the truth communicated to us in every moment by our body.”

Ainsley Q., United Kingdom

Excellent Read

Luke’s writing is engaging and accessible. He simplifies complex issues and science to make them applicable to our lives and shares his own story authentically and vulnerably, coming alongside the reader on their journey. He brings new insights to practices such as meditation, by taking the body’s perspective, which greatly impacted my own practice. He is sharp and insightful but also playful- some parts of the book made me laugh out loud. Highly recommended.

Tamara K., Canada

The most useful book on your bookshelf

This book created a profound shift in me…at the core, the essence.

It is going to be the most valuable book on my shelf for both personal and professional uses. Somawise is about knowing and being concurrently… because everything we know is not just in the mind. I am grateful to Luke Sniewski for writing this wonderful resource and sending it into the world!”

Adina M., Romania

A book that is more like a guide for self-discovery

A so much needed human approach to self-discovery, very different from other books of self-development that make you feel like a never-ending speech on virtues.

Like if you need someone to join you on a journey of change, like a guide that shows you multiple possibilities, and still lets you choose the right path for you. I loved the feeling of not being alone as the author shares his own experience and self-disclosure and that gives you a lot of self-trust and empowerment. A book that lets you meet vulnerability and gives you the opportunity to embrace it without any feeling of guilt. Highly recommend it!

Belinda K., New Zealand
Fabulous read to reset how you think and feel and do everything with a different perspective

I loved Luke’s approach to challenging my beliefs. I often approached life with a “mind of matter” point of view that was always in conflict to what I felt my body was telling me. I now have a better understanding of me and how I can do life in harmony with my body. I would recommend this to everyone as it is straight talking with a lot of insights to keep referring back to. Congratulations Luke and thank you for sharing such great wisdom.”

Monica P., Canada

Deeper healing and insight-inducing

This book gently nourishes the reader with wisdom and empathy in the pursuit of authenticity and freedom. Dr. Luke Sniewski is an outstanding professional and author who leads the reader in the direction of making profound discoveries about oneself.”

Jesse N., Canada

 Somawise is a travelers guide to a meeting with oneself

Amazing read and is relatable to a wide audience, from ex-jocks like myself to academics.

Somawise made me aware of the communication from the mind’s greatest asset, the body.

I highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to finally meet – themselves.

Angela S., USA

 Amazing Healing Resource

In a world that is inaccurately fixated on the mind as the center of healing, Somawise provides you guidance on your journey to reconnect with your body so that deeper healing becomes possible. Somawise is a great combination of the science of embodiment, relatable and deep personal anecdotes, and practical healing information for the reader. It’s a gentle companion to help you to explore what’s been living in your nervous system.

As a therapist who is an audiovisual learner who struggles to focus while reading, I’d also like to share that this book reads more like a conversation than a textbook. I flew through this book (which I very rarely can say)! And I also recommend journaling as you go through it.

Karen H., Australia

Practical and Helpful

“Everytime I pick up Somawise, there is something I get out of it. It helps me to reflect deeper into my own life and has practical strategies to help me live my best life! It is definitely a valuable part of my healing journey. Thank you Luke for sharing your experiences and the wisdom you have gained over the years. Truly grateful.”

Natalie F., Belgium

Get in touch with your body and elevate your life experience

“I highly recommend this book for anyone who is willing to be taken on an insightful and actionable journey towards connecting with their body and its unique language. The style of writing is straightforward and clear – a refreshing change from the heavy, academic or fluffy esoteric writing styles that dominate this genre. It’s a great mix of storytelling supplemented by insightful data, and tips or exercises you can put into practice immediately, no matter your age or health status. As a mother of a young boy, I especially appreciated the author’s vulnerable exploration and unique view into the emotional drivers of his own struggles with porn addiction, a topic often glossed over in today’s society, and yet, impacting so many. This is one of those books that I will be reading again and again and taking away something new each time.”

Fi Smith., New Zealand

“Somawise is a wonderful book for anyone interested in healing and wellness from a somatic perspective. Luke has skilfully intertwined scientific information with deeply personal details about his own life journey through addiction into healing. His book is very relatable and inspiring as a result. The reader is encouraged and guided the to get out of their head and into their body; finding stillness and becoming tuned to the inner wisdom that the body speaks. Highly recommended!”

Tanner M., USA

Relearning how to feel

“This book is an invitation, entry point and companion for re-learning how to feel. It’s a well-articulated and approachable conversation focusing on how modern humans are becoming more disconnected and distracted from self-awareness and how to reconnect with its ancient wisdom without getting lost in esoteric concepts. Sniewski shepherds the reader into practical guidance so they can take action to start experiencing change. Well done!!

Haydn S., New Zealand

It is not work that will set you free, it’s the inner work

“Dr Sniewski has written a compelling book on the effects of trauma and pathways to recovery. It avoids jargon and is clearly written. The book is full of compassion and wisdom and fundamentally changes the way one should look at ourselves and the world. He provides insight and guidance for release from traumatic experiences for survivors and professionals alike. Dr Luke helps us understand how negative life experiences can play out in out in the function and malfunction of our bodies years later. Your body truly keeps the score of trauma.

I would be the poorer if I had not had the benefit of Dr Sniewski’s humanity and clarity of thought. Highly recommended.

Karen S., New Zealand

Somawise, the book, functions as a lifescan, if you let it, wherein you position your physical body in the universe, or in the scheme of things. Keep a notebook handy for your memories, intentions, and possibly, where you feel you are at, now. Be bold and be warned: Dr Sniewski’s path idles at ice baths, but nothing is compulsory, here. 

If you are sometimes gripped by any of keto paleo low carb high protein you name it diets or food fads, twinned with ultra working out for weight loss or happier body image baby, Dr Sniewski is decidedly for more organic, intuitive solutions, but you’ll still have work to do. 
Somawise: get out of your head and into your body’ is an open and sparkling invitation to go where you’ve been avoiding going. The author works from the experience, learning, training, research and observation that propelled his personal transformation, so you can be confident it’s not pie in the sky, airy fairy, or diaphanous new agey: it all works, and you can do it your way.”
Zak L.B., United Kingdom

Insights for deeper healing and contentment

Dr Luke Sniewski’s personal life experience and professional knowledge are distilled into this fascinating book. His teachings have personally helped me deal with quite severe anxiety and insomnia. From engaging with this work and coming into stillness and a deeper connection to my subtle body I have also become more patient and connected in my relationships with my loved ones and indeed with myself. If you want to turn down the dial on the voices in your head, tune into the wisdom of your body and react less impulsively to what life throws at you then I can’t recommend this book enough.

Shane C., New Zealand
Wonderfully written full of innate truths and life changing wisdom

A book so needed for these times. Simply a must read for anyone who desires true change for good in their lives. Fantastic work.

Pauline N., Australia


If you’re interested in learning about holistic approaches to healing, then I highly recommend Somawise. Luke’s raw honesty, insights and practical steps make this book engaging and easy to read. Each chapter offers the opportunity to reconnect with your innate wisdom, your truth and the healing power of the body. This book can help you find that lost vitality and cultivate a sense of inner peace. Highly recommended

Adriana K., USA

It’s a great way to learn to see insight yourself and understand it!

I love this book! It’s really helpful in self discovery! I started use the stillness part because I want listen to my body in order to stay healthy! I want lose weight and I want understand why food? Here I found so many answers and how to deal with it! Highly recommended!

Sam L., Canada

“Somawise is refreshing, insightful and accessible. A must read for real change.”

Holly R., Australia


“Finally, a book that is so real and speaks the truth of what actually works to make change in one’s life. Luke’s authenticity and integrity in written word alone changed how I viewed aspects of my own life. This book is one of the solutions for a collective that is life changing. I’ve bought this book for many of my over-thinking or academic mindset friends and family. Luke has nailed the very reason as to why it’s important to be in your body. My new mantra is “Get out of my head and into my body.

Seb N., New Zealand

We often are told to “be authentic” but rarely get shown how… Enter Somawise.

“An immensely practical guide to dealing with problems caused by complex patterns of behavior, difficult emotions & perceived traumas. Dr. Luke stands with one foot firmly in the scientific world and another in the infinitely more complex world of the Self.

Thankfully, he brings simplicity to the infinitudes of the internal world and these teachings have helped me show up more authentically in the real world as a result.

Beautifully simple with enough depth to give your mind something to hook into. Highly recommended.”

Maria E., USA
Would you like to learn how to achieve full self-acceptance & feel fulfilled in your own skin?

“Then, this is the book for you! More than a great book, this is a fantastic roadmap back to ourselves. Somawise is filled with priceless nuggets of wisdom, and loaded with evidence-based, clear, and practical steps we can take to get out of our heads and reconnect with our essence, offering a myriad of different ways in which to pay attention to our felt-sensations and listen to our body’s infinite wisdom.

I have always been one to believe in the value of sharing our personal and vulnerable stories. We can learn so much from each other’s experiences, and we never know whose life we’ll touch by mustering the courage to tell our story like it is. The author did that SO brilliantly by generously and candidly sharing his vulnerability, gifting the reader with such a testimony of triumph, and without sugarcoating the struggles and hard work that led him to where he is today: living a life he loves to live.

Highly recommended!

Stephan F., Germany

Somawise is bold and authentic! A rare gem in the self help literature!

“If you are searching for the next book that supports you in feeling good about yourself while you actually are avoiding the work of self-relation “spiritual bypassing” skip this book.

Are you still here? Do you really want to get to know yourself? Then this book is for you!

Dr. Luke Sniewki did a remarkable job in challenging the current popular belief in Psychology that the “mind is in control”. He makes a compelling case for why the soma / the body is primary and the mind/thoughts follow to whatever is present in the Body.

Based on the assumption he delivers a clear way to get in touch with the body, to experience this wisdom within your own body, so that it becomes embodied knowing.

From there he offers different ways to play and work with this new way of knowing yourself. To actually experience what is good for you without relying on so-called experts and presents ways to challenge yourself in a healthy way so that your body and mind can become stronger and more resilient.

I am very thankful for this book and would highly recommend it to anyone that seeks authentic change and is willing to work for it. 

Thank you for reading my review and considering this remarkable journey of self-realization.
I leave you with a Quote that resonates deeply with me:
And I said to my body, softly,
“I want to be your friend.”
It took a long breath and replied,
“I’ve been waiting my whole life for this.”
-Nayyirah Waheed-   
Beata Z., Poland

Feeling is Healing – inspirational, insightful and well-written book

“This book is a must read! Luke’s ability to see things and then put them into words so others can begin seeing them too is exceptional. His authenticity and vulnerability felt throughout the book give courage in one’s own healing journey.

The book is beautifully simple. Pages filled with author’s own experiences, science of embodiment and full of wisdom. ‘Somawise’ alongside teachings provides the reader with different techniques and strategies that can be used in the journey back to the True Self.

When you read this book all you want is to be still. Still and present. A new way of being!

Stuart M., New Zealand

A worthwhile read for self-improvement!

“I read this book to look at how I can improve and better my own life. There is some real wisdom in here and all created from real world experience of an author that opens up about how he has walked the walk and doesn’t just talk the talk. Honest, vulnerable accounts of where the teachings have improved his own life it is a relatable read and made me want to join the Somawise online course, which I did, and this has really allowed me to develop tools for my own self improvement.

I am thankful for the experience and the work this has facilitated in me doing to continue the path of self improvement. It has accelerated my self improvement and I cannot recommend this book more (and the course!). Thanks, Dr. Luke.

Warren M., Bolivia

Authenticity before all things…

“I found a ton to relate to in this book. I am a person who has spent a lifetime trying to use my head to get out of problems that my head was creating. This book helped me see a different, more effective and more compassionate approach to understanding what was driving me. I heartily recommend it.

Daniel W., USA
A compelling invitation to reconnect with your body’s innate wisdom.

“As someone who has tried to heal by thinking and intellectual understanding, reading the words “Heal the body, the mind will follow” was like a breath of fresh air that my body knew to be true. This book is a beautiful guide for anyone who is tired of living in their head and longs to reconnect with the wisdom of their body. Thank you for this amazing guide Luke.

Kevin Y., United Kingdom

Accessible, Informative, and – well – true

“Luke has an easy-going way of delivering his message. I found this book very easy to digest and integrate. Luke weaves in real-life stories with somatic-psycho-education. This book is a real treasure for those of us who, for various reasons, found it easier to live in and from the intellect rather than the body. Luke guides the returning to a felt-sense experience of what it is to be human.. what it is to be me.

Possibly for fans of Dr Gabor Mate, Bessel Van der Kolk, Peter Levine, et al”

Tom J., United Kingdom

Somawise – dictionary and road map to reconnecting and understanding the body, health and wellness.

“Somawise by Dr Luke Sniewski is very helpful, easy to understand and distilled to essential wisdom dictionary to understand the body’s language, its needs. It was like a road map for me to learn how to navigate our lifestyle choices to support our well being & health, on a physical, emotional and mental level. Dr Sniewski presented the content in a easily digestible, relatable and appliable way. I enjoyed reading about his personal experiences, challenges and lessons he derived from his own personal and professional work. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested to simplify and find own way how to take charge of your wellbeing by the guide that we all have – our body, always there but often we don’t even realise we can tune in to it for guidance, source of stability and clarity in many aspects of daily lives.

Monika W., Czech Republic

Feeling is Healing

“Once we provide the body with what it needs to heal and thrive, the mind becomes our powerful ally, friend and helper.” Thank you for this clear yet so powerful statement!
This is not about reading a book. This is about discovering your essence and experiencing new possibilities. Healing is a journey. One step at a time, keeping in touch with your body and this book is a powerful help to get you there.

Meg P., United Kingdom

Authentic & Helpful

“Rarely has a truly vulnerable book been written by a man who has struggled with sex & porn addiction . Written in an engaging and easily digestible way, Luke’s story and helpful practices will be of value to so many.

Mehran E., USA

If you’re a fan of Gabor Maté, then this book’s a must!!

“Living in an individualistic culture dominated by noise and head-based actions, this book helps anchor us in our body, the present moment, and stillness. It provides us with simple tools that help us reconnect with and ground in our own innate wisdom, something we often fail to appreciate or recognize we have. I appreciate the direct, straightforward, and to-the-point approach that Dr. Luke utilizes.”

Florica, V., USA

When the Body Speaks the Truth! 

“Soma means body in Latin. The book title fascinated my curiosity for “wise body” the meaning behind it. In other words, is the deeper connection we have with our mind and how the body responds to it. Inside our body is where we store and process emotions and behaviors. Our body can be our teacher in guiding and compassing our journey through life. The mind is an incredible tool but ignoring the body’s reaction is like riding a bike with no wheels. I look forward to get all the tools in this book to apply it in my everyday life where I often bounce in between mind and body and forget about practicing compassion towards myself or lose my authenticity.”

Merran D., Australia

Making Sense of Lifestyle Choices

“Bombarded and confused by conflicting health messages? Somawise gives a reasoned basis for trusting our own bodies to make sense of what works for us. It then offers practical steps to making lifestyle choices that continually build our health and well-being. I am already recommending this book to my patients.”

Jennifer W., Canada

Journey to healing

“This book provides an excellent framework to guide you to the parts of yourself that need healing. As a Registered Psychologist I will be recommending this as a resource for my clients (and am using it for myself!) as a framework to guide themselves towards healing and freedom. Very easy read, beautiful story, and so intuitive!”

Katie T., Australia

A must read!

“Brilliant! An enlightening and practical book that allows you to connect back into the wisdom of the body. To live in the present moment and integrate any sensations, emotions or feelings that arise. Luke’s stories and lived experience shows how simply tuning in to what is going on inside the body, leads us to understanding past ways of being, core beliefs and allows us to sit with the discomfort and allow it to flow through. Feeling is healing. Looking forward to living a Somawise way of life!”

Glen M., New Zealand
We would do well to listen to what our bodies are saying to us

“This book clearly presents an honest, authentic journey of discovering the wealth of knowledge our bodies can impart to our minds as we learn to listen.

Sniewski is current with neuroscience that demonstrates our behaviour is controlled by a complex interplay of subconscious messages, many that originate in the body. This is a timely call to start paying more attention.

My favourite quote: “Somawise means looking beneath the surface of powerful urges and impulses to get to the real message from the body.”

Himanshu M., USA

Real Change Happens in the Body

“Real Change Happens in the Body” – a chapter title from Dr. Luke Sniewski’s book entitled ‘Somawise – Get out of Your Head. Get into Your Body’.

If you think about it, these words are life changing- how many times have we had an intention and yet failed to see it through? Think back to all those failed New Year resolutions. It turns out, we’re not weak as we’ve been telling ourselves, it’s just that for most of us the body isn’t there yet to support the big change we’re asking it to experience. And it won’t be there unless we learn to hear and speak its’ language. Somawise will help us do that!”

Monica P., Canada

Deeper healing and insight-inducing

“This book gently nourishes the reader with wisdom and empathy in the pursuit of authenticity and freedom. Dr. Luke Sniewski is an outstanding professional and author who leads the reader in the direction of making profound discoveries about oneself.”

Camilla M., United Kingdom

Insightful and Helpful

“This book was well laid and out with so many helpful insights and practical pointers for enhancing physical and emotional wellbeing. Really enjoyed the range of material covered: the combination of clear information, as well as stories from Lukes personal journey, made it a very relatable and informative read.”

NMO., Canada

Enlightening, Engaging and Authentic

“An excellent guidebook to well being and being well within this world.